Strong and smart and honest and ethical

The vice-presidential candidate on the Democratic ticket is a smart and strong human. What a relief. For the first time in too many years, I see a glimmer of hope for the future.

It is Tuesday, so I must update my COVID stats. More than 20,000,000 cases worldwide. More than 5,000,000 cases in US. More than 100,000 cases in my state SC. The number of reported new cases per week is dropping in US and SC. I have not been graphing worldwide cases but you can track them here per country.

I took a close look at the apparent drop in number of weekly cases, and it makes me both hopeful and worried. Even suspicious. The feeling of hoping for the future time when we could reach 0 new cases in a given week has been thrashed over and over for 30 weeks. The US still has more than 50,000 new cases each day.

aug 11 2020 us

The decline began precisely when the responsibility and authority to track cases was taken from the CDC and brought to the WH in the third week of July. I’d love to believe the trend but it does seem to be declining at an unreasonable rate. Add that to the projection that the trendline (below) predicts the “0 week” to be in just 11 more weeks, just a few days before Election Day–is this a coincidence? I mean, it looks like the numbers maybe… just perhaps… are being controlled somehow.  Like someone with a Sharpie sketched it out and the minions are making it look like it’s happening. Has anyone in the media reported this trendline yet? Take a look, and see what you think. If you are certain I should believe these numbers and cling to the hope I crave, tell me so. If you think it looks fishy, suspicious, the work of amateur chronic liars, maybe it is premature to hope. “So I said to my people, ‘slow the testing down please.'”

model us decline as of 8 11 2020

Maybe my TDS is clouding my thinking. I am a painfully honest person. I expect honesty from my fellow humans. I am always shocked by lying and cheating. I expect liars expect to be lied to, and cheaters think everyone is cheating. Honest and ethical is how humans should treat humans. Who can we trust?




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