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I wrote a book. Then another. And another.

Yes, I’m starting another. I can’t seem to stop. The stories just keep coming out.

I was a chemical engineer and made car paint.

I taught high school. But don’t anymore.

I teach college organic chemistry.

I am a wife and mom and sister and aunt and grammy.

I ran trotted a few half marathons.

I finished my PhD.

I like to bake.

Love (need) coffee.

Back to my books. I am a reader. I know a good book when I read it and if it isn’t good, I don’t finish it. (Actually, I toss it across the room.) Here are some notes on my books:

My debut novel: OR NOT TO BE

In a universe where time and space are limitless, where each person has one deathday per year, and where the deathday is a two-way portal, Anna finds herself suddenly on the dead side, facing the choice between death and life. How cruel for relationship problems to tag along to the dead side.

front cover galleyPublished by LMNO Press, in paperback and e-book, on 11/11/14.

INFINITY LINE (complete, revised, on submission for representation)

In 2072, in a once vibrant metropolis on the eastern coast of what used to be America, biochemist Dr. Lorelei Worthington hunts men.

No lab confines this researcher; Lorelei collects her male specimens in the wild. She doses them, without their knowledge or consent, with a needle. In the neck. It’s tricky needlework, but she has a knack for it. And her grantor pays her lab a mountain of money to do it.

But when she doses Number 93, who turns out to be one of the governor’s men, it all comes crashing down. Lorelei finds herself trapped between a hopelessly violent world and her benefactor’s incessant drive toward a future that’s female. Exclusively female.

~80,000 words, 17 revisions so far, querying in a tight and carefully selected arc.)

Inspired by this mother’s fury during ten hours when my daughter was hiding from an active shooter on her college campus, INFINITY LINE blows my socks off.


(In progress) Rigby Melano, a forensic investigator, is abducted by 17-year-old Ray, a captor who isn’t qualified for the job.

Ray has a deadbeat mother, no father, a best friend named Iodina, three younger siblings, and a missing girlfriend.

Oh, and a furious woman ineffectively bound with duct tape in his trunk.

What started out as a plotted mystery-thriller has morphed into a coming-of-age YA tale from Ray’s perspective. Again, the characters have completely taken over. I swear, writing a book is just like reading one, except I get to choose the ending.

Simultaneously writing a new book: working title is THE MOONS

When scientists combine space exploration, genetic engineering, and time travel, the result is not a surprise to them. For the rest of us? It’ll all be explained from the perspective of an alien life form (ALF) brought back to near-Earth orbit. This story demands to be written, and requires a LOT of thinking and research. I’m already in love with the ALF. Watch out.

A children’s book: OUR SOUR FLOUR HOUR (in progress)

Humorous exploration of rhyming words including those oddballs that refuse to rhyme. Might just illustrate this one myself. Feeling quite creative lately.


Thanks for stopping by.

Connecting with readers and authors on Twitter: @lauralanni

Look for me and my books and some Giveaways on Goodreads: lauralanni


Facebook dropout. (I’m not nearly cool enough for that.)


16 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hello, Cousin!
    My dad and Lucille just returned home from a visit to NY and shared snippets from their visit. They enjoyed catching up with your dear mom, whom told of your blogging. I’ve enjoyed reading it and signed up for e-mails. You have a gift, dear one, and I shall look forward to reading your books! How exciting!! I write a bit as well, and have a children’s book which requires diving into the sea of queries! I’ve sent a few letters and have matching rejections. Persistence and perserverence is key! Will look forward to your future posts! Oh, and I shall rally the Michigan fam to join in the National Big Mac Friday the 13th Holiday, so you can cross Michigan off your list! 🙂 So fun!!
    Blessings to you!!

  2. Hi Laura,
    I’ve happened upon your blog and I love it! I hope you are well and would love to see you again someday! Maybe our 30th reunion on Nov. 30?

  3. A mom who became grammy, writes books, completed her PhD, bakes and was a chemical engineer…you sound like a super hero in dusguise. Lol.

    What made you decide on the self-publishing route, versus the publishing houses?

    I wish you all the best going forward.

    1. Yes, Mr. Gentleman, I do like to bake. 🙂

      My publishing journey was long and twisty, and so is the story of how it came about. I’m very excited to share my debut with the world on 11/11!

      Thanks for stopping by and, especially, for your comments!

  4. Finally on election day a day off to do what I have been meaning to do. Reading your soon to be published book excerpt was exciting. I cannot wait until next week to read the rest of the story! You are a fabulous writer and extraordinary individual! WOW!

  5. Hi Laura – cousin Cathie in Ohio here. Colleen gave me “or not to be” for my Birthday and I truly LOVED it. I have not enjoyed a book that much since “The Time Traveler’s Wife”. I lost track of how many times you made me laugh out loud. Thank you for writing it. I am excited to read all the others you’ve written. Sending you love from Ohio.

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