My first children’s book is available in time for Christmas!

I LIKE TREES LIKE THESE is full of glorious images and playful verse to delight young readers and old tree-huggers (like you and me).


Published by LMNO Press and available on Amazon.

P.S. If your initials are S.D. or J.M., check your mailbox for your absolutely-hot-off-the-press first-edition-ever copy. It is printing right this minute and on the way!


Hug a tree

I LIKE TREES LIKE THESE is a book from my heart to the hearts of children about the simple beauty and pure necessity of trees.

I’ve been taking pictures of trees for years while this book, inspired by Hope Jahren’s LAB GIRL, percolated in my head. I asked my granddaughter which children’s book I should publish first–the rhyming one or the one about trees–and she didn’t even hesitate. She said, “The tree one, Grammy.”

This is a surprise for Grace and her siblings for Christmas so DO NOT show her this cover. Now you can buy a copy for your own grandchildren! buy a copy here


The beautiful man on the cover is Christopher Dunham, one of the greats among legendary tree huggers. In the spring of this year, Chris left this Earth. Yet the man and his spirit live on in everyone he touched, proving that a life filled with love is the life we should seek. And hugs are durable. And trees are huggable.




Today is 8.1.18

(Please note the palindrome, the eleven symbolizing parallel lines, the two vertical infinity symbols disguised as eights.)

Today my second novel, INFINITY LINE, is available!

Warning: This story is nothing like OR NOT TO BE. I’m not kidding. Put all expectations aside and read like you’ve never read my debut or my hundreds of blog posts.

INFINITY LINE hurts. It hurt to write. It hurts to read.

Characters, superheroes almost, creatures from deep within my imagination, tell the story. They revealed the story to me. I did not outline. I did not plan. I let the pain and anger pour onto the page.

Seven years ago the first rough draft was brutal and messy. Five years of help in editing and rewriting (through dozens of versions and months of doubt and courage) have passed while life moved along. And now, at this time when our country and world are so incredibly terrifying, suddenly I feel brave.

So here she is. My second-born. Be gentle. She’s yours now.

front cover Infinity Line

Available in paperback and Kindle.

Cover reveal: INFINITY LINE

front cover Infinity Line

In 2072,

in a once vibrant metropolis on the eastern coast of what used to be America,

biochemist Dr. Lorelei Fletcher hunts men.

In a world gone insane with hatred, somebody has to do it.

Lorelei stalks them until they catch her.

She doses them with a molecular cocktail

(silently, painlessly, with a needle, to the neck)

to tame them.

Part of an improbable plan for peace,

Lorelei works to drive humanity toward a future that’s female.

Exclusively female.


INFINITY LINE, my second novel, will be available in August 2018. As an independent author, editor, and publisher, with my very own company called LMNO Press, I write fiction from deep within my aching heart. The pain and struggles, frustrations and horrors, and relationships between characters in this story were born of my fear for humanity, and my certain doubt that we can survive on our spiraling path.

Unlike the humorous and tragic love story of OR NOT TO BE, this second novel defies any attempt to brand me as an author of a specific genre. Indeed, my next books may be children’s stories. Imagination cannot be caged.

Advance Reader Copies (printed and electronic) are available for preview and review. Please email lauralanni2014@gmail.com for your first edition copy.


The magic coffee shop

Yesterday I met a female engineer who worked on the launch of Saturn V back in the 60s. I told her I’d love to be an astronaut.

I met a man who survived brain cancer. He gave me a copy of his book.

I met a medical examiner who is also a chef. She lived for decades in the Caribbean. She gave me a copy of her book, and offered me a job at the college where she works.

And I met a preschool teacher who gave me a set of miniature notecards with adorable pictures of kittens, for my mother-in-law.

My friend who sails with her husband in Malaysia stopped by. Her husband told us about their first sailing trip across the Pacific in 1997: the breeze, the peace, the storm, the 25-foot crests. He reported his wife declared she would NEVER do that again. Yet, she still sails.

Another friend told me all about her youngest daughter, a powerhouse  who recently survived Marine boot camp. I showed her pictures of my daughter’s wedding. This same friend plans to audition for a prime role in a local theater production–in a play that SHE WROTE.

All of these things occurred in a local coffee shop in the span of two hours. The coffee was incredible, too. The place is called The Coffee Shelf. Try it sometime.