Two million deaths in Year 1 of the COVID-19 pandemic

You already know the news is not good: thus far 23,000,000 infections in the US and 91,000,000 infections worldwide, with cases surging out of control. Among the entire human race on our beautiful planet Earth: 2,000,000 deaths.

Here is this week’s graph that shows the next surge beginning. I added a second bonus graph this week that shows total US COVID-19 cases week by week in the US over our first year of this pandemic. If the spread continues, the projection for deaths in Year 2 is unmentionable in polite company. Don’t extrapolate 52 more weeks at this spread rate to see the number. You’ll never sleep if you do.

We must not look away. We must take it in but only in sips or we might drown in the sorrow of our times. Do something for yourself right now. And then do something for someone you love. And maybe say something nice on Twitter to someone you only know a little bit. Everyone needs care.