goodbye summer, hello semester

Goodbye to time to think, laugh, and read.

Hello to traffic, stress, and email.

Goodbye to piano, walks, and family.

Hello to exams, stairs, and strangers.

Goodbye to quiet.

Hello to rushing, planning, teaching, pending illness, eating at my desk, grading.

Hello to new students excited about learning what I can teach them.

Hello to unlocking curiosity, gently nudging more practice, glorying in students reaching beyond what they expected but what I knew they could do.

Hello to a learning community that helps each other succeed, a place where minds are changed, the place I chose to work before the pandemic shook up all of life.

Hello to potential greatness. If I survive two semesters, I’ll see you next year, summer, where you can bandage all my bruises and get me ready to do it all again.


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