TWL: the end

I like hellos better than goodbyes, beginnings better than endings. This is the last Tuesday with Laurie. It will be very hard for me to stop my weekly commitment, but I’m doing it. This is the end. I’m retiring my COVID reporting post.

The end of my little Tuesday writing habit is not the same as the end of our global pandemic.

When I first heard the term endemic, I thought it meant the end. I was wrong.

Renaming the pandemic an endemic means we have surrendered. The human race missed its chance (or maybe never had a chance) of beating this contagious shape-shifting virus. Humans are weary and have given up. In the endemic we’ll just live with coronaviruses. We will each ride our own raft making decisions for ourselves and only ourselves and will no longer be expected to consider how our actions affect anyone else. This will be a huge and uncomfortable shift for many, a relief for others, and will go utterly unnoticed by those who cultivated such inward facing perspectives for the entire pandemic.

Here’s your last data on this Tuesday from this Laurie.

As of 2/22/22, almost 6 million humans have died from complications due to COVID-19, almost 1 million of them Americans.

Worldwide, 427 million people have contracted COVID-19, 79 million of them Americans.

Sleeves were rolled up for 10.4 billion doses of vaccine.

This week the omicron surge in America decreased by almost 40% again: only 0.6 million new cases. We seem to be heading for a well-earned break (before the next surge).

Mask mandates are relaxing. Spring is coming. We are hopeful but no longer naive. My state has decided to stop reporting case numbers and to reduce testing in March. Others have already done this, and more will follow. This will help it seem like case numbers have dropped, but we won’t be certain.

Here are your last graphs from this Laurie. Stay well.

All data reported in these 110 weeks were collected from Tuesday 7:20 pm EST data updates on the Johns Hopkins COVID Dashboard.

2 thoughts on “TWL: the end

  1. No reporting, no testing, no sense in maintaining the department of public health since the right to make others sick & die is OK today. We have not learned what sustainability is and it will bite us.

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