TWL: flattened curve, WAR AND PEACE, ilk, and a rant

FIVE point two seven MILLION Americans caught COVID again this week. They caught it from the 5 million who were sick last week, and they will spread it to 5 million more next week. It’s as if humans have no idea about how to defend ourselves from a contagious virus. Try wearing a mask. A good one. Whenever you are around humans. When you are sick, or they are, or either of you might be. Let’s all try to have fewer than 5 million cases next week. Please.

Is there any good news? Sure. The curve is flattened, which usually signals a pending decline. Let’s hope.

It appears the US is still on track to surpass its 2020 total caseload next week (a whole year of lockdown in 2020 beaten in three weeks of open-for-business-without-masks in 2022), and we’ll very likely surpass 2021 cases (the year lockdown was lifted, schools reopened, and vaccines became available, but almost half of our fellow citizens refused to help and so the virus mutated to Delta and then Omicron) in a month.

In the 105 weeks of this pandemic, Americans have suffered more than 67 million cases, and more than 850,000 deaths. This pandemic feels like reading WAR AND PEACE (or THE ODYSSEY, or any of the Tolkien series, or a single paragraph by Hemingway (IMHO)) and thinking (constantly) when will it ever end?

So much of this misery was avoidable. Think back to the ridiculous early days of bleach, hydroxychloroquine, it’ll go away in the summer, wear a mask if you want but it’s your face and we’d never take away your right to show your face because the other 7 billion of us all agree the world is all yours, it’s all under control, it’s a hoax…and continuing today with dewormed, urine-drinking, free-breathing, unvaccinated, nose-out, maskfree spreaders, lawmakers, judges and their ilk. (Avoid the ilk.) These folks are a massive burden the rest of us continue to carry, and their me-first attitudes have resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths.

Yes, yes, yes, I know, some of this post is a one-sided noisy rant of this opinionated blogger that you chose to read. But most of this post is reliable data from the Johns Hopkins site.

Now we can self-test at home. Get four tests per residence for free through the USPS site here.

What do you think of that?

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