TWL: hide

The studies of viruses, contagion, pandemics are games of microbiology, biochemistry and math. Science and logic. If this, then that. Complex systems follow predictable patterns.

The study of human culture, societies, governments is a game of attitudes, power, and fights for resources. Politics and backstabbing. Smoke and mirrors. To predict what the humans will do demands a coin flip per nanosecond.

When a virus finds a victim, and that victim is human, what can be expected?

How will a virus survive? By attacking its victim and spreading to the next victim.

What if the humans fight back? The virus will mutate, evolve, change its mode of attack.

Then what can the humans do? Fight harder, unite as one, protect each other like family.

What else might the humans do? Deny the threat exists and carry on, oblivious to the threat.

What else might the humans do? Give up and be consumed.

This is it, humans of America. The week ending today 12/28/21 was our worst week yet. In the United States of America, the richest land with the greatest freedoms, with the strongest military defenses and the most brilliant minds, a land of hope and opportunity where we are free to rule ourselves, fight each other, and speak our minds, a tiny virus particle is cutting us down at the knees.

Where are you, America? Why aren’t you coming together to take down this beast? How did COVID infect 2 million of you in one week–the most so far in over 100 weeks?

The next wave is upon us, washing over us like a tidal wave, a mud slide, a forest fire. We can’t run. But we should hide. Voluntarily separate. Demand remote instruction. Work from home. Call in sick. Use your vacation time. Double mask when you must leave the house. Keep your children at home. Let’s not wait for the government to tell us what they are afraid to do, what we know we must do, what the virus has shown us to do.


What do you think of that?

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