TWL: 12/21/21 winter solstice

Remember Summer Solstice? During the week ending Tuesday June 22, 2021, there were only <80,000 cases of COVID for the whole week. Six months later and we have double that weekly number per day.

Winter solstice 2021: 150,000 cases each day, and we broke a million cases this week. Delta. Omicron. Travel. Holidays. Unmasked. Unvaccinated. Back to a million. Insanity.

1,050,000 cases this week

COVID-19 is very contagious, but my recent experiences have illustrated the effectiveness of vaccination and booster. During the fall semester of in-person instruction of over 400 students, I tested every week and never tested positive. We were masked during lecture, the university installed HEPA filters, and I was the crazy professor who insisted noses were actually covered by masks. And then when the semester ended, I escaped on a road trip with my sister and spent a day with a Covid-positive human that I love, who found out he had Covid in the hour right before we left. None of the other five of us have tested positive in the 10 days since. We are all vaccinated. A year ago, pre-vaccination, we would all have caught it. Two of us would have gone down, no doubt, with our flimsy lungs. We are so lucky to be vaccinated. Science amazes me.


What do you think of that?

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