Laughing is good

Through this endless pandemic and the long days of isolation before the vaccine, we played a lot of cornhole. Even in the winter, the cornhole boards were set up in the basement (which affected the allowable height of the toss) and we played and played, laughing.

My husband loves games. Somewhere along the way he started making up variations on the classic cornhole game. At the beach we played “killer” which is a variation of cornhole in which you have to RUN, and sweat, and laugh while being heckled by the guy with a timer. Even he-who-shall-not-be-named who often chooses not to participate participated in that one. More laughing.

When pressed, my husband began to jot down his cornhole game variations on the side of an envelope. Unreadable, sure, but impressive when he filled a whole side and needed a second envelope to continue the list. Periodically he would disappear to the basement to try out another new game. Our daughter stepped in to make some sense of the scratches on the envelope. Diagrams were added. A poem, too. Somehow this was all transcribed and organized into a Word document. And before we knew it, the whole thing resembled a little book, a how to have more fun than you can imagine book, one that will fit in a stocking and can spread our fun to your house.

Here is the cover of the book that came out of all this effort.

SO SANTA BROUGHT YOU A CORNHOLE SET is available in paperback from Just click here to check it out.

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