TWL: going back up

I’m waiting for the Johns Hopkins data to update, and it seems to be three hours behind. Maybe the election day drama caused a delay. Even with the early data I’ve rounded up, it is evident the number of weekly US COVID-19 cases is going back up again, breaking our 8-week run of consecutive weekly decreases. We saw a similar bounce and plateau through March 2021 after the winter case surge so hopefully we’ll get back on track to decreasing cases in November before the holidays when we know cases will increase again.

While I wait for the data to update so I can fix my graph, I added up the total new cases in the US for April until now, basically looking at “ridiculous cases” or “unnecessary cases,” a huge waste while we had a vaccine in hand. Brace yourself, the number is huge. One-third of the total cases of COVID–that’s more than 15 million cases–have occurred in the last six months since we had vaccines available to protect us. History will look at this idiocy and wonder what was wrong with the human race, particularly in America. I wonder the same, embarrassed for us.

I will update this post as soon as the Johns Hopkins site shares updated numbers. Please excuse the delay, and check back later.

Update 10:15 pm:

The Johns Hopkins site isn’t updating so I’m using the case data they showed from 4:20 pm today, though I have consistently waited for the 7:30 pm data for the last ~90 Tuesdays. Note the disturbing jump in cases this week. Let’s hope the approved vaccines for kids helps us get back on track. It’s late and I have to go to sleep so I can get up at the crack of dawn and do it all over again. Good night.

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