TWL: caught at 93 weeks

For 93 weeks we’ve bided our time, being so careful. We’ve been painfully boring and bored. We got our vaccines and even the booster. We have weekly family zoom meetings. We skipped Christmas and Thanksgiving and New Years and Easter and on and on and on. We weren’t even invited to our beloved niece’s wedding. We had an outdoor birthday party and a mini family reunion for about 5 hours one day last month. We are back to work, driving the long commute (and sacrificing 2 hours per day, 10 hours per week of work to do so), wearing a mask all day, showering off the sticky COVID particles when we get home. We even drove 32 hours to visit our moms. For 93 weeks we’ve watched the world suffer, wondering when the creepy tendrils of virus would finally reach us.

And then it did.

In our combined family “us” is a very large number. This week four of our “us” have COVID. They attended a surprise anniversary party. Indoors. Presumably unmasked–they’re afraid to give me many details as you can understand. So many of us did not go, but we know the jokes that were told at the party surely involved how the heck did she put up with him for four decades? It’s a loving joke. We all love that guy. He’s a riot. And he now has COVID.

My anger is a tsunami. Four of them. So far. Plus non-family members, too. Though sustaining such anger exhausts me, it cannot touch my insomnia. Such is this hell.

Realize my molten lava anger is for people I love. Imagine my anger for those I don’t even know, who brought the virus home to more than 700,000 dead Americans, because they were bored and it was their right to do what they wanted. Blah blah blah. You are so important. Pandemics suck.

A hug to my in-laws. I love you all. Stay strong. Stay apart. Stay away from you know who. No. Do not tell me to mind my own business. I’ve been in your family for almost 40 years. Don’t make me come over there. Stay away from her.


Here’s the week update: less than half a million new cases. I apologize on behalf of our family for their collective ridiculous contribution of four of those cases. Stay vigilant.

One thought on “TWL: caught at 93 weeks

  1. all it takes is one to pass it to two, who then passes it to… you-know-who. as the second eldest of this family, even though we’re obviously out-numbered (lol), I had to pull rank with my concerns. I never do that. Never. Thanks for voicing your heart, as well.

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