TWL: 55 weeks

I added the 55th weekly data point to my spreadsheet today. COVID has controlled us for over a year. This is the first week since November 10 when the US had less than a million new cases of COVID. The number is still huge, but the numbers are coming down. We had about half as many new cases as we had the week ending January 12. We are approaching half a million dead Americans due to COVID as the world has lost 2.25 million. How can I be optimistic in the middle of such a mess?

Vaccinations are happening. My friend complained of a headache after her second dose. For a headache, she found a safe spot. The world still turns and whips around the sun. Students still learn and help each other. We still worry, but let’s hope too. Masks on. Two arms’ lengths apart. Reach out your hand, your friend reaches out her hand, don’t let the fingertips touch and stay that far apart. No hugging or handshakes. Smile those eyes. Nod those heads. Encourage a discouraged student. Keep the coffee coming. We can do this.

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