Another TWL: COVID-19 spreading like fire and still lethal

A mighty man died on Christmas Eve of COVID-19. Married for 64 years, he supported friends and family with strength of character and sense of humor. I only met him once, but my husband respected and admired him. Our community is sad that COVID-19 took Mr. C, and we are reminded that the virus is still lurking and still lethal.

Bad news in new case numbers: the decline last week is gone and it appears cases are rising again in America. This week came close to matching the all time high number of COVID-19 infections at more than 1,500,000.

The graph shows the second weekly surge in July doubled (21) the maximum in April. The next surge in December almost quadrupled (22) the second surge. If American infections surge again in January, will the maximum reach 23 (8!) times the December surge? That would be 12,000,000 cases a week. Staggering numbers of sickness and death. Clearly it is not safe out there. Do not relax.

What do you think of that?

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