OUR SOUR FLOUR HOUR, a silly children’s rhyming book to make your young reader smile

Sometimes bow rhymes with crow, and other times it rhymes with cow. What’s up with that? And why doesn’t sour rhyme with pour? Silly verses in OUR SOUR FLOUR HOUR show many rhyming words spelled as expected. In some verses, children will find words that should rhyme but do not. And then there are those crazy words that do rhyme but are spelled differently. Such inconsistencies can confuse beginning readers. This read-aloud book can help young readers use colored words and pictures to learn to love to read. Parents and teachers know reading is essential to success in school, and laughing as you read is the best way to learn.

I did it. On 1/2/21 I hit the “publish” button and released my second children’s book into the world. I did it without marketing, quietly with no fanfare. In this world of sadness and despair, I hope to make young readers smile as they learn to read. Help me reach them by sending a surprise gift with my little book tucked inside. It will make my heart happy to help you accomplish that important task on your list.

OUR SOUR FLOUR HOUR is available in paperback here.


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