A little yeast. A little sugar. A dash of salt. A drop of vanilla. Too much cinnamon. Melted butter and cream cheese. Flour. Some stirring, kneading, heating, and waiting. Cinnamon rolls for me.

I only made half a batch of the rolls, but a whole batch of the frosting. I’ve been good. Patient. Lonely. Tired. Someday, I’ll bake some for you.







3 thoughts on “delicious kitchen chemistry

  1. yum… i miss you. so glad i got to see you a bunch on Zoom. 🙂 someday we’ll come and visit. someday….
    and you can make us cinnamon rolls but i’ll bring the g.f. flour. 🙂 I’m’a gonna try g.f. cinnamon rolls soon. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

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