Entropy is disorder and cannot be tolerated. We wash dishes and stack them away. We hide dirty ones in the dishwasher. We fold clothes. We make the bed. We hide messes in drawers. We sweep up crumbs. We plan and schedule our time, to gain a sense of control in the unending battle with entropy–all while the universe snickers.

On a lovely summer day filled with boat rides, music, ice cream, cooking, company, dishes, cleaning, listening, waiting, working, insomnia and guilt, I boiled an egg and lost it.

I remember putting it in the fridge. I think. I’d made potato salad and kept back two cooked eggs from the five I boiled; I ate one right away (warm and delicious) and I saved the other for later. I plotted a time theft, to steal back 13 minutes the next time I wanted an egg and say “Ha!” to the snickering universe with her relentless tick-tocking pendulum.

The next day I looked for my egg.

It was gone.

Into the void, where I could almost hear the black hole grinning.


Update: 10 hours after I yelled “Where’s my EGG?” into the void, it yelled back “I ATE it!”

Oh, and the universe’s name is Jim.


4 thoughts on “Nothing going on, but here’s a stupid story about an egg

  1. Could work as a poem with a little more simmer time.

    “For me, Every human relationship is: an exercise in compassion, an experience in expression, an exploration of Self.” Words by Dale

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