Key Lime to Happiness Pie was constructed last month for St. Patrick’s Day with the helping hands of my daughter.

With all of these crushed cookie crusts, butter is the binder but the particle size of the crushed solids determines the texture of the base of the pie. We used pretzel sticks and, compared to graham crackers or shortbread cookies, they were very hard to pulverize and resulted in a crust that didn’t stay bound together. Next time, grind in blender and add extra butter.


The filling was easy and used lime juice from a bottle for “consistent taste.” My helper snuck food coloring in and adjusted the green color with some yellow because she is artsy like that.

The whipped topping was also easy and piped on with a specified tip. We added some grated lime rind instead of the lemon rind called for by the recipe.


We sprinkled on some coarse salt to make Pie 22.0 taste like a margarita and brought her to a parpy.


I will try to get back to my bread habit, but pies are so tasty. Pie 23.0 traveled to my daughter’s house yesterday to be the prize after a 10K. I’ll try to write the bacon and blueberry concoction up after I compose my final exams. April is crazy.

2 thoughts on “Pie 22.0

  1. Very happy to be a participant in the eating of two consecutive pies!! And I had no idea the pie in my fridge has BACON in it!!! I can’t wait to eat it! Love you

    1. Let me know how it tastes. It’ll be only the 3rd of 23 pies that I didn’t eat: one was rhubarb, and the other two went to your house on 10K day. (Also, technically KLTH and your bacon blueberry pie weren’t consecutive. There was that cake/éclair/pie in between. I might need to go on another diet.)
      Today it is warm and muggy so I am making bread–the recipe that we know by heart.

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