On this day

On this day five years ago my granddaughter was born, the second child and first daughter of Lea and Jon.

On this day eighty years ago my father was born, the first child of Edith and Daniel.

Such a singular event, a bend in the fabric of the universe, a birth opens a new opportunity, a line in a family toward new people. Without Daddy I’d not be here and neither would my daughters, and certainly not my Grace. They never met, but I know that Daddy, who adored children and effortlessly made them giggle with his playful grin and blue blue eyes, would have been utterly spellbound by our Grace.

So while I miss my father and think he’d have hated being 80, I consider the future of five-year-old Grace stretching decades beyond the span of my own life and wonder how her bright soul will touch and change the world. And this unknown future, made so hopeful by the presence of Grace, helps to ease my pain of the present without my dad here. From midlife, we can look back on our fathers and forward to our granddaughters and suddenly a century feels not so very long.



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