All the things he cannot do

He just learned to speak the language a few years ago. He doesn’t have a job. He has no money or skills. He can’t drive or cook. He isn’t good at math or reading. He isn’t registered to vote and doesn’t pay attention to the news. He isn’t registered for military service and isn’t qualified for college. He never pays rent or taxes or any bills.

He says please and thank you (insincerely) when reminded, and sometimes I’m sorry when required.

He’d rather play games than listen to politics. He’d rather laugh than argue. He awakes too early and stays up too late. He asks for help constantly. He debates fine details about fairness and will smack a smaller person if no one is looking. He wastes food; he loves ice cream but not peas. He even needs help rinsing the shampoo from his hair and remembering to bathe.

You must be nice to him. Care for his needs. Feed him. Teach him. Help him grow. He’ll get better at all of those things in time.

Love him. He’s just a five-year-old child.


What do you think of that?

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