Cover reveal: INFINITY LINE

front cover Infinity Line

In 2072,

in a once vibrant metropolis on the eastern coast of what used to be America,

biochemist Dr. Lorelei Fletcher hunts men.

In a world gone insane with hatred, somebody has to do it.

Lorelei stalks them until they catch her.

She doses them with a molecular cocktail

(silently, painlessly, with a needle, to the neck)

to tame them.

Part of an improbable plan for peace,

Lorelei works to drive humanity toward a future that’s female.

Exclusively female.


INFINITY LINE, my second novel, will be available in August 2018. As an independent author, editor, and publisher, with my very own company called LMNO Press, I write fiction from deep within my aching heart. The pain and struggles, frustrations and horrors, and relationships between characters in this story were born of my fear for humanity, and my certain doubt that we can survive on our spiraling path.

Unlike the humorous and tragic love story of OR NOT TO BE, this second novel defies any attempt to brand me as an author of a specific genre. Indeed, my next books may be children’s stories. Imagination cannot be caged.

Advance Reader Copies (printed and electronic) are available for preview and review. Please email for your first edition copy.



4 thoughts on “Cover reveal: INFINITY LINE

  1. There is no doubt in my mind that this book will be as good or better than your first, and the next book… . You get where I’m going with this. You can do anything and you can write in any genre. Huzzuh!

  2. October 20, 2018
    Format: Kindle Edition
    Hot issues, humans’ natural tendencies to overreactions and the never-ending battle for equilibrium drive this futuristic story to a fast-paced conclusion derived from a number of legacy letters to the next generation. I say “read it” and discover where you stand on what our future may hold for us. Words by Dale

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