we are small, but lucky

We are small and riding on a tiny world that spins in a little galaxy swirling in a huge universe.

We feel large, significant, important. We step on ants and spiders. We pull weeds. Our own needs and feelings feel paramount and relevant. We hold our opinions and attitudes like a shield, and wear our biases like armor. Then we look at the stars and know we are small.

We are lucky that the earth, a world that we do not own, supports our life form. The earth does not need us. Without it we could not live. The earth supplies every atom within us, and we’ll give back every atom when we cease to live. We are small.

If we live 100 years (a miniscule span of time repeated 40 million times since life began here) we are lucky, but still small.

If we truly support one leader in our lifetimes, we are unique and lucky, pompous and arrogant. We feel powerful, but we are still small.

If we consider carefully, even obsess, under microscopic scrutiny, the decisions and behaviors of others, were are forgetting to live our own lives and merely meddling in theirs.

If we judge each other by the beliefs in our hearts, by the level of melanin in our skin, or out of jealousy or greed, we are missing out on the best of human emotion; we are forgetting to laugh, to love, to see the incredible beauty of nature. We are wasting our lives.

We won’t get a mulligan, a do-over, a my bad, when we leave this life. So live your best life, be your best self, on this go around.


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