Please, brain, stop thinking for a few hours. Let me sleep. Thanks.

What wakes me up at 2 am? My brain. Actually, small molecules and synapses in my brain. Normal people (who are asleep right now) probably call them thoughts.

The old brain just can’t downshift. It won’t stop thinking. About everything.

Like when you type the word brain, you automatically add a g, because of the “in“.

Like my work-in-progress (aka my book)–how to distribute that section that Jim wants spread across the first 57 pages.

And the next book. The characters. The plot. The desire to write it (NOW) instead of finishing the other one, or sleeping like a normal person.

And I really need a good word for WordsWithFriends.

And more and more and more thoughts about. . .

The future and the past.

Decisions to be made and secrets to be hidden.

Sore knees.

Infinite hopes and worries.

Fear of war and incompetent leaders.

Need ice cream.

Must write a blog post.

Need to hush that barking dog, quacking duck, snoring man.

Must flip the hot pillow. Cover the cold feet

So thirsty. Must deal with opposite of thirst.

Must mentally compile tomorrow’s list.

Must worry about things I cannot control, so when they happen, I’m ready (but so sleepy).




6 thoughts on “Please, brain, stop thinking for a few hours. Let me sleep. Thanks.

  1. Glaring at my cat who insists on waking me at 4:17 each morning, then noting that my Garmin Vivosmart HR+ indicates I only managed 4.5 hours sleep last night, then remembering the study I just read that says not enough sleep contributes to getting Alzheimer’s disease. Great. Did it say how many hours of sleep? I get it, lauralanni. Maybe we’ll get more sleep tonight. Or not. Damn, that afternoon nap is starting to look good. 😉

  2. The first thing I noticed on the email notification for your post was the time it was sent. I sympathize with your plight and I am a member of the club. My only thought is this:

  3. A fellow club member here (waves hand). And I know how important sleep is—I edit articles about sleep health all the time! Yet I don’t think I’ve had a truly wonderful night’s sleep since before I had children … thirty years ago. Sigh.

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