Confidence, stress, and a little joke

Confidence comes from experience. It is built in layers of little successes. Used well, confidence can be contagious. Spread some around. Encourage one another.

Stress comes from the unknown, and lack of sleep, time, and control.

Stress can carve a hole in confidence.

Many feed their own lack of confidence by hacking away at others, thinking by chopping down their friends, peers, coworkers, they’ll  feel or seem better, or at least taller. This is ridiculous, immature behavior. Stop it.

Sleep (and coffee) and a good joke can restore perspective, reduce stress, and lure confidence back. Add in a pinch of Mother Teresa’s “Do it anyway” and the path is crystal clear.

Today’s geek joke, from a student in the back of the room: “Hey, Dr. Lanni, what’s nu?”

I promise, it was funny. My best smile of the day. But if you aren’t a geek, you probably wouldn’t get it, so I’ll just keep the punchline here in my pocket.


8 thoughts on “Confidence, stress, and a little joke

  1. It is amazing how a good nap and a strong cup of coffee can restore confidence. It may have taken me til’ nearly thirty to learn, most things aren’t nearly as bad as they first seem. I’m loving your musings.

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