Students study. Professors write. Nobody sleeps. Ah, college.

We’re traveling on parallel paths: as you study for your exam, I’m awake in the middle of the night, writing it.

We’re both headed to the same spot in the time-space continuum. We will meet in the lecture hall in one week, you with your head full of chemistry and heart full of hope, hanging on a thread of three hours sleep, and me with my arms full of paper. My heart will also hope for your success. I want you to learn the material, truly understand it, and demonstrate your accomplishment on the exam. So I’m writing it carefully, choosing questions that’ll help me assess (no spellchecker, I will NOT drop that last s) your level of comprehension.

We’ll meet a few times before the exam. I might see you at the football game tomorrow, for the quiz and lectures next week, at our review session, and in my office hours. I’ll respond to your 300 emails as soon as humanly possible.

In a non-Euclidean geometry course I took about a billion years ago, the professor proclaimed that all parallel lines meet at infinity. See you there. Don’t be late.


14 thoughts on “Students study. Professors write. Nobody sleeps. Ah, college.

  1. When I was an undergrad, I doubt I ever gave much thought to what the professors were doing while I was studying. Nor did I think they cared much whether I passed the exams or not. But this right-brained gal who avoided every math and science course she could (until she couldn’t anymore) managed to ace three semesters of chemistry once she found a professor who was truly engaged with his students. Your students are lucky to have you, Professor Lanni!

  2. As a non-practitioner of math, I like the proclamation of the non-Euclidian geometry prof – he sounds a little like Buzz Lightyear. Your students are sure lucky to have you!

  3. Until my son entered college, I didn’t realize how much I’d missed being a college student. The whole college scene appeals to me. I would certainly be an eternal college student, if I could afford it. 🙂

    1. Some college students are so concerned with grades, they miss out on the deeper understanding. Perhaps being a college professor makes me an eternal student. Nice perspective.

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