The magic coffee shop

Yesterday I met a female engineer who worked on the launch of Saturn V back in the 60s. I told her I’d love to be an astronaut.

I met a man who survived brain cancer. He gave me a copy of his book.

I met a medical examiner who is also a chef. She lived for decades in the Caribbean. She gave me a copy of her book, and offered me a job at the college where she works.

And I met a preschool teacher who gave me a set of miniature notecards with adorable pictures of kittens, for my mother-in-law.

My friend who sails with her husband in Malaysia stopped by. Her husband told us about their first sailing trip across the Pacific in 1997: the breeze, the peace, the storm, the 25-foot crests. He reported his wife declared she would NEVER do that again. Yet, she still sails.

Another friend told me all about her youngest daughter, a powerhouse  who recently survived Marine boot camp. I showed her pictures of my daughter’s wedding. This same friend plans to audition for a prime role in a local theater production–in a play that SHE WROTE.

All of these things occurred in a local coffee shop in the span of two hours. The coffee was incredible, too. The place is called The Coffee Shelf. Try it sometime.



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