How to conquer the Beginning of the Semester TO-DO List in 10* easy steps

The list is taller than I am. I swear, I can’t see the top of my Things-To-Do.

So I prioritize. I line up the items. I acknowledge that it will all get finished in one week. One little week and life will reach equilibrium again. (LeChatelier’s Principle applied to life, for you science geeks.)

Then I just knock the TO DOs down one by one. I chop away with my mini pick ax. I weaken the monster, hack at her knees, and she’ll tumble under my might.

I’m sure my new students will be facing an equally daunting pile: move in, stand in line, ask questions, fill out forms, refill out forms, sweat, walk to another building, smile for ID picture, stand in line, buy parking pass, buy books, return books, meet people, sleep, eat, cry, laugh, read email, meet new guy/girl, respond to text, read new professor’s blog, find classes, call mom, break up with boyfriend…

In a week when I peek back at the dregs of this pile, it’ll look like a little bump in the road. No sweat, as we used to say back when the earth was cooling.

[No, no, no. Writing this teeny blog post was NOT on the list. But writing it out made me feel better. So there.]

*Apparently making the list of 10 steps was at the rock bottom of the list, under her pinky toe, and it got deleted. It was right below “apologize to everyone.” So, yeah, I’m sorry.


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