Saturday morning musings: fighting gravity

Welcome to my Saturday morning brain. She’s rolling along today, pondering the will of gravity. Try to keep up.

Gravity teamed up with a brick patio to smash the face of my dumb phone. (Cracked phone makes me look younger, right?)

Gravity connived with a cup of coffee to splash the keys of my laptop. (Some keys still stick and sometimes there’s a runaway keystroke 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000)

Gravity wrestled with the prongs of a fork and won my steak. (I ate it anyway. 5SR in our house.)

Gravity, we don’t fully understand how you work, but we are in awe of your power.

  • Squealing kids on boards at the beach ride your waves.
  • Snowflakes drift down and raindrops pelt the grass because you pull them to the ground.
  • Our moon circles us while we circle the sun while she spirals in our galaxy–thanks for all of that.
  • A toddler plops on his diaper or drops his cookie, and learns to live in your power.
  • We scream on the rollercoaster while you whip us around like rag dolls.
  • My sore back reminds me that I oppose your force all day, every day.

Gravity, you get credit and blame for all.


What do you think of that?

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