Who taught me to cook?

I just devoured a veggie and cheese Panini in about eight bites. I tried to slow down. I tried to savor it. I even tried to pause and take a picture of it. But it was too delicious for any of that nonsense.

As I sit and sigh in bliss, I’m thinking of the things I’ve learned to cook in my life. This veggie and cheese sandwich is my own invention–though it was modeled after a sandwich I had in a Nashville restaurant ten years ago. For many of the things I like to cook (and eat!), I remember the day and the responsible chef.

Kerry taught me how to make bread in ~1986.

Sue taught me how to hard boil an egg in ~1996.

Aunt Til taught me how to make genets and cannoli in ~2000.

Mom taught me how to make pie crust, and meatballs, and hot-air popcorn, and how to cut pizza with scissors in ~1975.

Gram taught me how NOT to make mashed potatoes in ~1970.

Cheryl and Wayne taught me how to make Low Country Boil in ~2010.

Paula Deen taught me how to make Buffalo Shrimp in ~2013.

John told me how to make easy bread in ~2013.

Amy Adams taught me how to grill mushrooms in butter in ~2009. (You too? Remember the movie?)


Veggie and Cheese Panini

2 slices sourdough bread

1 tbsp. butter

2 mushrooms sliced up

3 artichoke hearts chopped up

1 tbsp. chopped green onion

1 tbsp. hummus–any flavor you like

3 small slices cheddar cheese

2 slices feta cheese (or some crumbles)

Grill the mushrooms in melted butter. Slather hummus onto one slice of bread. Move the mushrooms over and put the other slice of bread in the pan. Place the cheddar cheese and green onions on it. Add the feta cheese and artichokes. Pile on the mushrooms. Cover with the hummus-bread. Turn the heat way down. (Sometimes I turn the heat off while I BUILD the sandwich.) After the bottom bread cooks a little, flip the whole thing over. Turn off the heat. Put the Panini press on (or cover the pan) and let all the cheese melt for about 5 minutes. OMG.



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