Why isn’t this a thing yet?

In church on Christmas Eve a thousand years ago, an old lady (85-ish?) reached to the neck of the woman in front of her and tucked in a giant white tag on her shirt. I thought, “Yay! Finally we can do that!”

But no. Not yet.

On the beach the blowing tags on the back of bathing suits (tops and bottoms) are rampant. And I must sit silently by and let it happen. If my tag was out (like it was this morning while I walked the beach with my bathing suit bottoms on inside out), I’d like to be told. A polite little “Tag Alert” hissed out the side of your mouth as you pass? That’d be great! I’d thank you for your trouble. Once I’m on the beach, it’s too late for reversing, but not too late for tucking a tag.

We still say “Bless you” when someone sneezes. How the heck did that become a thing but saying “Tag Alert” hasn’t caught on yet? (I read somewhere “Bless you” started because folks thought the Holy Spirit escaped in a sneeze and blessing the sneezer saved them. Hmm.) I don’t understand you people.


What do you think of that?

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