My turn to offend

I was asked the other day how much money I’ve made in publication of my first novel.

I answered honestly, and didn’t even tell the person how rude the question felt. I almost asked his salary, but even when offended, I try not to offend. It’s the middle child in me. She’s still a peacekeeper.

My honest answer involved more detail than the query-er bargained for. I outlined publishing processes including editing and cover design. These are things the reader has neither interest nor need to know.

But other new writers might want to know, so here’s my short answer:

If you publish independently, you will pay for editing, proofreading, cover design, gas, and all marketing. It might take years of sales to recoup these dollars and earn a profit. Do not quit your day job. Instead, work hard all day and write all night and weekend.

They say publication of the second novel picks up your sales. I’ll letcha’ know when the dollars start piling up.

My second novel, Infinity Line, is coming. Readers will be surprised. This story by this middle child, who works hard to not offend and holds her opinions close, will surely offend everyone. I can’t even imagine the human who won’t be offended (or maybe even infuriated!) by this story. I also can’t imagine the person who won’t adore Alex, and Daniel, and Maya, and Lorelei. You will. You’ll love them and root for them and find hope in them.

Coming soon.


2 thoughts on “My turn to offend

  1. Wait a second… Middle child is supposed to be a peacekeeper??? I’m a middle child. And a Warmonger. Firestarter. Battle-baiter.

    Guess I missed the fine print on the job description. 😉

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