I still love


My Dad taught me

to laugh,

to be proud that I’m smart,

to eat pizza as often as I want it,

not to smoke,

that it’s possible to burn soup,

to drive a car,

to help the drivers of all of the cars around me by providing free verbal advice,

to parallel park in one move,

to play tennis and be the wall,

to hit a softball,

to turn off the main water valve before removing a faucet,

to work hard,

to be honest,

to be frugal,

to play craps,

to make chestnuts fall from the tree by throwing a giant log and running,

to make up my own mind,

to believe what I believe,

that if you step in dog poo in the dark in your living room with bare feet it is OK to swear,

to wash my own car,

where the oil goes,

to hold in what hurts…

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