Visionary Fiction? Perhaps.

Thousands of people now hold copies of my debut Or Not to Be. Thousands.

Some have even read it.

A few have reviewed it.

For those special readers who’ve completed the journey to the end of Or Not to Be, I have a question: Based on this definition, did you consider my story to fit the classification of visionary fiction?

It’s a genre I’ve never investigated, so I certainly didn’t set out to make my debut novel be anything as cool as visionary. But I think, just maybe, it might be visionary, besides being sad and funny and all those other things my readers have shared here.

Comments, concerns, other reactions? I welcome them all.

3 thoughts on “Visionary Fiction? Perhaps.

  1. To answer your question – Visionary fiction? I say yes, based on this excerpt from the definition of Cusionary Fiction linked to your post…”So in short, the emphasis is on our limitless human potential, where transformation and evolution are entirely possible.”
    Both Anna and Eddie’s journies can be described this way!

  2. i agree with Judy. definitely visionary fiction of which you are in very good company according to their list of visionary fiction authors. I think this fits in nicely.

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