My ten insights on marriage

These are some tips I’d use if I were designing wedding cards for newlyweds.

1. Be stubborn. Make a plan for today, for this week, for this season, for this year, for your life, and stick to it.

2. Compromise. Weave your wife into your plan.

3. Vent. Relieve stress by complaining.

4. Be loyal. Complain about your husband only to your husband.

5. Be honest. Always tell the truth.

6. Lie. Never wield the truth like a weapon. Hold back some truth when it will cause pain.

7. Remain true to yourself. Don’t lose your identity simply because you are tethered to another soul.

8. Be willing to change. Improve yourself for the soul to whom you chose to be tethered.

9. Lean. On mutual bad days, when you both need support and have not an ounce of energy left to hold up another, lean on each other. You’ll both feel better.


3 thoughts on “My ten insights on marriage

  1. I love this list, Laura! I’m looking forward to seeing what others suggest for #10. My suggestion: Celebrate the uniqueness of the soul to whom you’ve chosen to be tethered. You won’t always see eye-to-eye, but your differences will expand your horizons if you embrace them instead of trying to change the other person.

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