Que sera, sera

Today, on 11/11, almost nine years (and ~30 revisions) after the first draft was written, my debut, OR NOT TO BE, is released!


Shot out into the ether and spewed with ink onto paper like a rocket is propelled by the rapidly expanding hot gases generated by combusting hydrazine.


Finally, I can change from past and future to present tense in my obsession about this story. Right now, right here, I am a published author.

Holy cannoli, Batman. I never saw that coming.

Well, not when I was little, and I asked my mother, “What will I be?” Will I be pretty? Will I be rich?

And she answered, “Que sera, sera,” and I wondered who Sarah was. I can still hear my mother and Doris singing these lines together as she (my mother, not Ms. Day) swirled around the house and Daddy rolled his eyes.

But Doris was right. (And so were Mom and Sarah.) The future’s not ours to see (at least not while our feet are tethered by gravity to our tiny rock in this infinite universe). Who knows for sure what they’ll be? And why should we strive to be one thing in the only life we have? Be everything you want to be. Use time. Spend energy instead of leaking it out in dribbles.

My story of Anna and Eddie was spun from threads linking my heart to my mind to my funny bone. I hope my story touches all of those places in your life.

front cover galley
Available in paperback and on Kindle.  Click here!

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