10 lame reasons why I haven’t written a single new word since August

1. Mike makes me take boat rides, go to shows, watch the Blacklist and season 2 of Boss (on DVD) on nights I don’t teach at the university.

2. I’m teaching at two colleges again this semester. (I know. But it’s so fun. And the students need me. And it’s so fun.)

3. Planning lectures and recitations and labs takes many brain-wracking hours. (No kidding.)

4. A new pile of labs and quizzes and exams and reports demands to be graded–every single week.

5. I don’t have a housekeeper. (Control freaks crave control, don’tcha know?)

6. I like to sleep. (One week ago I returned home and announced a ten-minute nap was required. I woke up three hours later. Yeah.)

7. Or Not to Be is coming on 11/11/14 and the path to publication is mucho like outrunning a train. There’s a bunch ‘o stuff on the TO DO list.

8. I like to eat. (So I think about food a lot while I diet. Kinda’ sick.)

9. LMNO Press doesn’t run itself! (ISBN, copyright, cover design, editing, interior design, seventy-seven-bajillion decisions to make, LCCN, ARCs, wrapping, note writing, mailing, tweeting, goodreading, proofreading. Yeah. Those things.)

10. I do think about revisions to Infinity Line and I do plan (hope) to publish it next summer. (But right now I don’t even have enough minutes to finish this blog pos



2 thoughts on “10 lame reasons why I haven’t written a single new word since August

  1. Ha! Marketing your book is as much work at writing the crazy thing. Good luck! I will post a review after I read your baby. Enjoy time with your hubs, your students and your book-baby. Life gets shorter and shorter. Love you to the Moon! Sue

  2. Life gets shorter so we cram more and more into each day. It’s tiring, but fun. Imagine if we had all of this technology tempting us to fritter away our lives when we were young(er). Think of all the living we’d have missed. We old folks sure are lucky.

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