4 days, 4 parties, 40+ people, 4000 hugs

As a Christmas present last year, my brilliant husband decided to buy plane tickets to get our kids and our grandkids to NY to visit/meet their great-grandparents.

Our extended family on both sides of our marriage just survived shared the 4-day family reunion. Four houses hosted pizza parties, picnics, pool parties and a FIFA final/Beatles sing-a-long party. The food was incredible. The hugs and laughter priceless.

Mike counted more than 40 people with ages ranging from 10 months to 85 years. Folks traveled to upstate New York from Massachusetts, Maryland, Colorado, North Carolina, North Carolina (two different families–one a surprise!), South Carolina, New Hampshire, Tennessee, and Long Island (yeah, yeah, I know it’s not a different state, but little Sarah and her mom drove both ways in one day).

We are home now and after some much needed deep sleep last night, we can look back on this very special four-day extravaganza and smile.

I considered posting pictures on Facebook but then I thought, Ew, Facebook, and remembered I have this lovely little oasis of web space right here to use however I like thanks to WordPress. So, without further ado (because we all just experienced a plethora of ado) here are some pics.

Yay! I get to meet Mommy’s family in NY!
Lea and J
J with Mommy
Grace and Kate
G with antikate
Grace and poppi
G on Poppi’s shoulder
Grace and Judy
G with Nena
Grace and Hannah 2
G with (2nd?) cousin after the surprise
Grace and Nanny
G with Nanny
Grace and Grandpa
G with Greatgrandpa
GG prepic
G with GG
J and Sarah
kissing cousins
That’s Aunt Kim’s hand and she’s saying, “Don’t eat the green part. Eat the red part.”
watermelon 2
Is he eating it right yet?
GG 2
GG with grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. (only 2 missing)
GG 6
Love. True love.

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