Texting with my daughter

I was just accused of killing time and had no defense. Yes, I’m waiting for Jonathan and Grace to get here. Yes, I was reading old texts on my phone. Yes, I’m a little bored but come on! I can’t do anything that requires brain power because I am way too excited to get my grandchildren back in my arms.

So I will share the text messages and text conversations from my daughter that I am chuckling at. Making you laugh through my blog is never considered a waste of time. Let’s see if I can do it.

Texts from daughter (shared without her consent because she posted about my Sharpees without my consent:)

“My hubcap fell off on the way back up here! Does that mean my wheel is going to fall off??”

“Do you have bendy straws, or should I bring mine?”

“The best thing in the world is coming home and seeing meatballs in the fridge and realizing you don’t have to cook.”

Me: Help with jumble: rumon. Her: “Got it.” (in 1.3 seconds.) Me: No kidding. Tell me. Her: “It isn’t moron like I thought at first haha but it starts with m. [I still don’t know what it is. That was 10 months ago.]

Me: Daddy made beef stroganoff on Monday. Just wanted to document that. Her: “Whatttttt”


“I’m bringing pumpkin muffins because they are orange and wonderful.”

“Leanne Rimes. Wait, no it doesn’t.”

“We’re in the middle of a week of palindromes.”


“…I got to work late because I couldn’t calm down enough to put my clothes on.”

Me: I just got the Moe’s chip out of my eye.

The end (so far)


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