HIMYM/Breaking Bad: finales first

I never watched How I Met Your Mother until last night when I turned it on by mistake and saw it was the finale. Turns out that’s all I needed. I got the whole story in one 20-minute episode. Seemed like a cop out to me.

I never watched Breaking Bad until the finale, either. My brother was wearing a Heisenberg uncertainty T-shirt the week before, but didn’t know the relationship between momentum and position. I watched the finale to try to understand how he could wear Heisenberg without knowing Heisenberg. The finale did not reduce the uncertainty.

The answer to the unasked question is NO. Watching finales has not made me want to watch the years and years of episodes leading up to them.

Though I’d rather read a good book than watch TV any day, every day, all the days, #FWBL cracked me up a little. I think it was the premier. The single chick (don’t know her name yet) was a nut. I like nuts.


What do you think of that?

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