When I was young(er)

When I was young(er)…

I thought everyone wanted to be young like me. (I was wrong.)

I felt a little sorry for old people. (I was an idiot.)

I thought 50 was old. (Ha!)

I thought wrinkles were ugly. (They’re not.)

Now that I’m old(er)…

I still feel young. (Because I am.)

I don’t have to find a job, find a husband, find a life. (Hallelujah!)

I don’t have to learn to cook, learn to cooperate, learn to live. (:)

I don’t have to push out a baby, stay up all night, eat hot dogs and mac and cheese for dinner. (Oh, you poor young women, I remember those long tired days. Keep your chins up; you’re doing great!)

I don’t think his wrinkles and gray hair hide the 20-year-old in my husband, because I knew him back then. I hope he still sees the 17-year-old in old(er) me.


2 thoughts on “When I was young(er)

  1. Fantastic post Laura! I feel the same way. As the number of years pass by, our wisdom grows and we learn to interpret things/life/people differently. We begin to value the things that are truly important! My husband and I always feel like we are in our 20s and aren’t afraid to play, be silly and have fun. Yet, we are wise enough to work towards maintaining and creating the life of our dreams!
    Bravo on your uplifting post!

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