A few snippets from the last week congealed in my head and resulted in this puzzling post.

a. My very literal and brilliant grandson learned what it means to “write a letter to someone.” As usual, we don’t know about misconceptions until they are voiced. He told his mom he was going to write a letter to his dad. He was going to write the letter P.

(Take a moment to have a little chuckle and then calm down and proceed.)

b. Although Hardee’s is spending the big bucks on advertising and they are managing some pretty funny commercials, poor Mr. Sign Guy can’t get a raise. He got his revenge this week with his own brand of advertising: their sign reports that they are now serving CHEESBURGERS! I know in past posts (like here, and here) I proposed that Mr. Sign Guy had a holey pocket and was dropping decimals. But now I think he is just withholding them, along with the missing E, in a brilliant plot to bring down his employer. Hardee’s surely lost my 8 bucks on Thursday when I passed them by–if they can’t spell, they can’t cook, period.

c. At the Little Cricket, Mr. Sign Guy is more subtle. Check out this sign.


Do you see it? The guy brought out all the correct letters and then intentionally switched two of them on the front and on the back of the sign!

By now, you are no doubt scratching your head and thinking, “WTH?” And if you are, you are already thinking in red letters and are ready, so get set, and GO!

I love to read which means I love sentences so I love words–therefore I must also curtsy to letters. Add a sprinkle of my warped brain energy to get today’s puzzle. Use the Little Cricket sign as a clue about what catalyzed my little skip down this brain path. Don’t scroll down too far because I’ll give what I think is a giant visual clue at the bottom.

1. What do these words have in common?

AHIM etc red letters

2. What do these words have in common?

blue jpeg

3. What do these words have in common?

green jpeg

4. What do these letters have in common?

purple jpeg









This is supposed to be the giant clue:

all the letters jpeg

When you figure it out, leave your answer in the comments and I’ll check in later.


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