In the QUEUE

80 minutes ago I was so excited when USAir didn’t hang up on me. That’s what they’d been doing all afternoon, at least a dozen times after the power came back on.

70 minutes ago I figured out how to use the speaker on my phone so I didn’t have to hold it by my ear.

60 minutes ago I thought I might need a lot more wine to help me make it until an agent answered.

50 minutes ago I changed phones because the battery was dying.

4o minutes ago I couldn’t believe I’d been on hold for 40 minutes.

30 minutes ago I found a guy tweeting on Twitter who had been on hold for three and a half hours.

20 minutes ago I remembered how much I like the repeating dueling vowels in QUEUE.

10 minutes ago I asked Mike why I called USAir. He couldn’t remember either.

9 minutes ago I realized I knew the USAir commercial stream by heart: FTD, lost cell phone, AA merger, 37 customized labels, 300 bonus miles.

8 minutes ago I cried a little.

7 minutes ago I stopped.

6 minutes ago I returned to pure anger.

5 minutes ago I worried about the poor agents at USAir who are getting yelled at all day by sad and mad customers.

4 minutes ago I felt sorry for the agents–it’s not their fault that it keeps on snowing.

3 minutes ago I remembered that I won’t get to see my Mom.

2 minutes ago I remembered my Mom won’t get to see her grandchildren.

1 minute ago I realized road rage and phone rage were stupid reasons to be unhappy.

Still in the queue. Can’t remember why.


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