Driving Lesson Part One

You are stopped at a red light or stop sign, eagerly craning your neck for a break in traffic flow. Should you go now? Or wait until after that little green car?

The correct answer, 9 out of 10 times, is to wait until after the little green car.

The topic of today’s driving lesson is “Turning into or across the lane of moving traffic.”

Driving Etiquette Rule Number 1: you do not own the road.

Driving Etiquette Rule Number 2: you should never make a move with your car which will require another driver to slow down or slam on their brakes in order to avoid crashing into you.

It doesn’t matter how late you are or how important you perceive yourself to be. When we are driving, we are all trying to survive. Don’t depend on other drivers to keep you alive. Do your part. Don’t hit them or taunt them into wanting to hit you. Be nice.

So, then how should one decide if there is sufficient room to merge or turn in front of someone? ONLY do it if the other driver does not need to respond in ANY WAY. Only do it if the presence of your car does NOT require her car to slow down. ONLY do it if you can slide in there and speed up without affecting ANY other car.

Oh, you think that’s too much to ask? You think there is just too much traffic for you to wait that long? Well you are not alone. Every single day I  get to drive my car and yours. I keep both of us alive and it is tiring. It’s time for you to try to do your part a bit better, chap.


What do you think of that?

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