Turning Two: the MOVIE!

Sometimes, when you take stock of your life, make that bucket list, you can distill down the things you think you want into little piles. Some of the things are actually needed, some are extra. And a few, maybe one or two, are the golden nuggets. They are the little sparkles that linger in our life dreams. This is the story of a dreamer who wears his golden nugget on his heart.
I have one brother. Jim Malone, named after my incredible father, works in NYC, lives on Long Island with his sweet wife and daughters. This man has an imagination like none I’ve ever met. He thinks up stories and sees them as movies.
Jim’s screenplay, TURNING TWO, won the grand prize at the 2012 “Shoot in Philadelphia Screenwriting Contest” hosted by the Greater Philadelphia Film Office. He  rounded up a producer, cinematographer, crew, and actors and shot a movie trailer in October. So, finally, I make my point–all I want for Christmas is for you to go to his website (http://www.turningtwothemovie.com/#) and watch the trailer and see for yourself how incredible it is that this man is taking on his dreams to produce an independent feature film from the screenplay that came out of his head. If you love it like I do, I hope you will get on board, tell your friends and help us spread the word about a man following his dreams. And, if you feel really strongly about this, like I obviously do, and if you find any loose change in the couch cushions, send it his way!
Someday soon, we will go to the movies and watch the stories that spin from my brother’s head. Big dreams are the golden nuggets of life. I hope Jim inspires you to dig out the nuggets in yours and shine them up.

3 thoughts on “Turning Two: the MOVIE!

  1. Hello Laura,

    Jim’s movie had been brought to my attention by Pat Northrop. I had no idea that he was your brother until I googled the movie title and saw your blog. Anyhow, you will be happy to hear that I am supporting his project.

    Jim told me you were just out visiting your Grandkids. Man that makes me feel even older than I already do. The last I remember your kids were still pretty young, but I guess they do grow up and it has been a while since we worked together at BASF.

    Anyhow, I am living in Yakutsk, Russia at the moment. I don’t remember if I had divorced before or after you had left BASF, but I divorced in 1993. I married a Yakutian woman 10 years ago, and we now live part time in Moscow and part time in Yakutsk, but the Yakutsk part is becoming more and more the major part. We built and operate a Bed & Breakfast here: http://www.bravo-hotel.ru. I had just signed the advertising agreement with Jim to have one of our coffee mugs with our logo on it appear in the movie.

    Anyhow, it has been a long time. Hope you are doing well, and from what I have read in your blog, it sure sounds like you are doing great. Love to hear from you if you have a free minute.

    Pete Clark

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