When on Earth, Do as the Earthlings Do



You agree with someone to meet at a certain time and place. Used to be when you did this, neither needed a reminder. Everyone just showed up as close as humanly possible to the appointed time.

Now everyone needs a reminder. You verbally invite someone to a meeting and, as they accept the invitation, they demand that you do even more than reserve the meeting room, dry clean your suit, prepare and practice a presentation, skip lunch that day and graciously include them in your life.  They also ask that you “shoot me an email, will ‘ya?”

Seriously? You can’t write it down yourself?

Now everyone cancels appointments, doesn’t RSVP, or worse, forgets to show up. Any and all excuses are deemed valid including being interrupted by another human. “I got caught talking to X, so I missed our meeting. Sorry.”

Seriously? You couldn’t tell X that you had a previous commitment for this time slot on this day? When you chose to blow me off to chat with X, you blatantly put me second. You decided that I didn’t matter. You judged that I’d forgive and be all chill about it. And I would, if I didn’t care either. If I had mounds of free time like piles of sugar crystals and chocolate chips and marshmallows and cotton candy around me. If I wasn’t so freaking busy that I had to get up early/stay up late to do OTHER work ahead of time to carve out the 3600 seconds that I promised to you.

I am surrounded by a few billion humans who are always late, drive in the left lane, and generally live in their own little bubbles completely oblivious of the consequences of their actions on others. I give up. I must do as the Romans do. If Earthlings have reached a consensus that we will each put ourselves above all others, I can try to play that game. I can fake it.

The fallout looked like this: you and I rescheduled the missed meeting. In order to do that, I had to cancel a meeting with another human. You stole her slot. I had to basically tell her she was not my highest priority. You are. I felt bad for that. I don’t often treat people like the Romans do. You made me change.

Earthlings, you disappoint me.


What do you think of that?

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