The first day of school

New pencils, new outfit,

new binder, new shoes.

Old friends, future friends.

Lunch in a bag.

Awake before the sun. Awake all night.

Over-plan or run around in panic to

catch the bus, fight traffic. Don’t be late.

It’s only mid-August and summer has come to an end. I know this for certain because I had my annual first day nightmare last night. Not like the bad dreams I used to have where I couldn’t find the right lecture hall or didn’t wake up in time. Those were the nightmares of my long gone student days, from back when the earth was cooling. My pre-semester nightmare now is that the technology won’t work, or I will have planned for the wrong class, or (gasp!) lost my lecture notes–this version is the professor nightmare.

But with all things new and with my decades of data (normal people call it ‘experience’), I can count on the fact that the first day will be special. All the anxiety and newness will only last for that first day. They give the day a shine and energy that subsequent days and weeks won’t have regardless of how they are scrubbed and buffed. Every student and every instructor, from kindergarten through college, feels the excitement on the first day of school.

Moms, take a picture!


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