My true geek self cannot be hidden

The media throw around buzzwords like nanotechnology and renewable energy and stem cells like small children learning to say two-syllable words, delighted when they hear them come out of their mouths and encouraged by the smiles of delight (surprise) from everyone around them.

We hear about these issues of science which impact humankind every day. Undergraduate students are interested in nanotechnology. They are interested in studying sustainability. Everyone who is cool recycles. The coolest like to say they are ‘going green.

What’s my point? Oh, sorry. I have multiple points. They are:

1. I am fortunate enough to have studied A LOT of science in my life and

2. this week I am attending a conference on macromolecular complexes.

Woo hoo! Lucky me! (I am high-pitched and fast-talking here, Kate. Sincere. NOT sarcastic.) Not only are the presentations at this conference about macromolecular complexes, which are ridiculously interesting, but the experts in their fields are also describing applications of these materials.

Molecular electronics.

Aerospace coatings.

Polymer brushes.

Regenerative engineering of tissues: ACL, rotator cuff, burned skin.

Shape-specific vaccines and therapeutics.

Electrochromic displays.


Alginate polymers.

Adipose derived stem cells (from your own fat!).

And that was just the first DAY! So, I won’t be funny, or even try, today. Today I am my true geek self, completely absorbed in the most emerald shades of jealousy that these people get to explore and research and are funded and spend their days surrounded by incredibly intelligent brains on the order of Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Dr. Jing Sun, Dr. Will Tilford, Dr. Kevin Bicker, ALL THE TIME. I miss that and I’m glad I get to do it for this week with all of these strangers who are friends because they love science and thinking and exploring.

NEXT week, I get to do the thing I will never give up: teach chemistry to undergraduate students. Then you all get to be jealous of ME.


What do you think of that?

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