Grape Jelly

At lunch today, while we waited for our salad and pasta and ate our second loaf of bread, daughter and I played Hangman with a crayon on the paper tablecloth. That’s what you’re supposed to do when they leave crayons at your table in a restaurant, right?

Anyway, she had

_ _ A _ E       _ E L L _

scrawled in orange crayon letters and above it an almost-dead hangman was dangling by a rope so I was getting worried when suddenly I got it–because I knew that the second word was “jelly” so it could only be “grape jelly!”

Ha! I was gonna win! [little happy dance/some whispered war whoops of victory]


I said ‘J’ and she drew fingers on the almost-dead man. And giggled.

So I said ‘G’ and she wrote it on the first line. Hmm. Could it be ‘grape belly?’ No. That’s stupid.

After some finagling, during which my hangman croaked, I found out it was ‘Grace Kelly.’ Rather than dwell on my hung man, this made me wonder two new wonders that I’d never considered before: 1. Did Grace Kelly like grape jelly? and 2. if I changed a few consonants could my name spell a food?

[try to keep up. my brain path is a little rocky.]

This made me think of other words which are similar but different in a few, or one, letter(s). I particularly enjoy words with three Ls, like lollipop, lallygag, lull, and lilly, but I had trouble thinking of one with an E between all the Ls but was certain there was one and I would think of it without GOOGLE…

[picture me grunting and steam coming out my ears while I thought so hard]

And suddenly paraLLEL jumped into my head even though it has the double L outta place. Hey, how about a sentence with all five LLL words? Anybody? And why doesn’t LLL = 150 in Roman numerals, anyway?

Side note: One time after daughter had surgery and was so sad and in pain and we were breathing through the minutes which felt like weeks for the pain meds to kick in, daughter and I sang Christmas songs with all the Ls and Rs replaced with Ws. Try it with your kids or find some old people. It’s impossible not to laugh.

OK, enough of this. I have a book to write. And you should spend some time traveling down your own brain paths.


9 thoughts on “Grape Jelly

  1. Lily lollygagged; head lolling she lazily licked her lollipop while waiting for a lull in the traffic before parallel parking.

    _ _ n n _, _ a _ _ a

    not sure if the sentence is correct, but I should be forgiven for adding another triple L word. The food is weak, I would’ve liked to have had one more letter.

    Thanks for the brain name – a good diversion.

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