More books in my head

I’m working on book three, I really am. It still isn’t (definitely) titled (but neither is book two which might or might not be called Sludge) and it is taking longer than I expected to write the last 30% of the story. I am blaming edits on Or Not To Be for that, along with AP chemistry reading, summer research, family reunions, birthday parties, the lake and life in general.

Tomorrow I get to go home! I’m so looking so forward to my summer hibernation.

And just when I have time to really settle in and crank out the last 20000 words, the next book peeps in and introduces himself. I’m calling it a him because the MC is a teenage boy. It might be YA or maybe not. The MC started talking in my head today, introducing himself, complaining about nosy adults, and tempting me to write his story instead of finishing book three.

It isn’t really a problem. I like it when the next book comes along before the current one is finished–it always reassures me that there is no end to this writing thing.

All I need is a new character with a new problem and the story unfolds for me to follow.

Ahhh summertime.


2 thoughts on “More books in my head

  1. The worst part is getting those other books to turn off so you can focus on the one you need to finish.

    And then you have to work hard to *not* think about the others. The smallest slip can bring those darn people right back up to the mic. It’s like they just wiggled out of the cuffs and gag and they start rambling like an excited 5-year-old to release the log jam of story.

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