What does Grammy Say?

He is two with blonde hair, dark brown eyes and a big smile.

He visited from far away for almost three weeks. And now he’s gone again.

These are some of the echoes left behind by our grandson.

He watered my flowers everyday. He loves to play with dirt and rocks and spider webs. He took his time pulling leaves from a tree, dropping them in the lake and watching them float away. This kid knows how to have fun.

He says No Way, Jose. He speaks in complete sentences, even paragraphs. His brain is always working, thinking, storing, retrieving, ready to giggle.

He loves to play the piano. He gives running hugs. He knows what YAMAHA and BANANA spell and knows all of his letters and numbers. He sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star like an angel and loves his Poppi and Poppi’s Yellow Boat.

He left behind some fingerprints and a yellow taxi and took my heart with him.

Jonathan, what does a cow say?


Jonathan, what does a sheep say?


Jonathan, what does Grammy say?

I love Jonathan


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